Ranjit Gaind – a passionate businessman and sensation seeker whilst often combining the two. With a passion for the dolce vita, I like to taste every flavour and get the most out of life during this short but sweet innings! The name Ranjit Gaind is Indian – my father is from Kashmir in north India and my mother is from Swansea in south Wales. As a friend once said, you could say I’m a celtic-subcontinental! I grew up in the south east of England and I have lived in Europe, South Africa and Australia; I went to school at King’s, Canterbury, spent a bit of time on the “University of Life” and later in Brunel University, London. I have a pilot’s license from Cape Town Flying Club, and an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Sydney, Australia. My hobbies include: flying, sailing, scuba diving, skiing, sky diving, travel, reading, theatre and all ball sports. I’m a movie fanatic and love collecting music, in summary I’m a risk taking romantic at heart. I am always keen to make new friends and networks so please get in touch. You can review my other official blog and my further links below:


 Cheers – Ranjit Gaind

Ranjit Gaind

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