Clipper 70

Some of you asked for a picture of the boats we will be sailing in the 2013-14 round the world race. The only trouble is they are still being built! On the right you will see a picture of how they ought to look when completed. 12 of these identical 70 foot long babies are currently being built in, yes you guessed it, China! Nauticstar Marine in Qingdao are tasked with constructing these beasts and so says Joff Bailey, Clipper Race Director: “By incorporating the very latest features in the hull design, massive asymmetric spinnakers flown from the six-foot bowsprit and state of the art electronics from Garmin, the new boats will deliver improved performance, and new speed records are likely to be recorded when they surf on following seas. Crew signed up for Clipper 13-14 and beyond can look forward to speeds of 30 knots and upwards,” Training for me will possibly start in Singapore later in the year for a week and then a further 3 weeks in the UK in 2013, details on that to follow. Thankfully this gives me time to finish the MBA, transfer my pilots license to Australia and perhaps set up some business at the same time! Bring it!

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