Queenstown Ski Trip

You only need to look at that view to get excited about it! I’ve booked my flights for the Queenstown Ski Trip, anyone else that wants to join is more than welcome. The more that come the greater the discount will be for everyone, so sign up asap. Flights will get more expensive and accomodation more scarce the longer you leave it. In order to get the discount please contact Karla Boots at 02 9870 7572 and mention my name or email her on karla.boots@studentflights.com.au. The venue can be seen here http://reavers.co.nz/ its a 5 mins walk from the centre of town. Considering its a relatively new lodge the facilities are good and $600ish will get you car hire and accomodation including breakfast for 5 nights and a ski pass for 3 days. If you book your flight now it will also be about $500ish return. There are dorms, singles, twins, doubles, apartments etc. I am happy to share with one person to save some $! My dates are 16th – 21st June but you can stay longer if you wish! We’ll be creating some personalised hoodies, so let me know if you are interested in that as well. Send me a message if you have any queries, I am booked and definitely going, on my own if need be! 🙂

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