Personality goes a long way

I’ve come to realise that writing a blog whilst doing an MBA and setting up a company has its challenges. I’m really not sure anyone is going to be interested in Strategy, Accounting, Marketing and the like and whilst I’d love to be writing about flying, sailing and adventuring, I’ve not been doing a lot of that lately… recently i’ve been researching “personality”, the traits there in and the restrictions of its study. Now in the immortal words of Jules we all know that “personality goes a long way” however what defines it and how is it measured? As I understand it, we all play roles and some of us games within those roles; however this does not constitute personality. Our behaviour is what defines us for sure, for example a pilot does not behave like a ballerina as this would clearly not be condusive to relaxed passengers! The image is amusing but still this does not give the pilot personality. Routine or habit is similarly not personality, this is learned over time and anyone can really learn a skill or habit. So personality it seems is really inferred by our actions to that which we are unsure, or in other words its the manifestation of our adaptation to life.

The fundamental nature of personality is such that it is clear that understanding the traits is important to understanding the personality as a whole. This whole, or accumulation, is what gives us character and never is this more complex than when it is flawed. As is the construct of nature, flaws are part and parcel of everything which thus gives every rule its exception. Ergo the study and compartmentalisation of that which is intrinsically random and therefore undefinable is arguably futile.

So if our personalities are what define us and the flaws within which make us unique, then lets celebrate our idiosyncracies! What do you reckon – too much caffeine?

Picture take in Outer Mongolia somewhere outside Ulan Batar 09/2010

3 thoughts on “Personality goes a long way

  1. Ish and I are thinking about morality -ethics.What it means to us indiviualy and collectivly?
    Do you have any views? Daddy

    • Interesting – any particular area? Off the top of my head…..Individual ethics for me is what I feel is right and wrong predominantly as a result of what I have been conditioned to feel through religion, education and experience. For example fair play and treating neighbours well – things that I value if you like. Collective ethics is surely based around group dynamics, peer pressure and what can be reasoned for the greater good? I might delete this post!!! 🙂

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