Flying the seas!

I saw a presentation today where the orator described the industry within which a company was operating as being “the sea in which it was flying”. This concept puzzled me for a while as being an amateur pilot and even more amateur sailor, this didnt seem to make sense. See the below clip from the Clipper Round the World Race though….Roll out the barrel, we’ll have a barrel of fun!

I can’t wait!

1 thought on “Flying the seas!

  1. Love your blogs!! Bob has bought me a kindle – what about that for joining he 21st century! The flowers are still blooming. My mobile is very simple – geriatric – it will not respond to anything on the internet. Got to learn as much as I can about blogs and such before Dan & Ester leave. Had a lovely lunch with the crew – Raghu and Sue Bob & me and Gita and Lilly and T & S Raghu wanted to see where Gita is now living and he approved. Talk to you soon
    Dudge Love to Mariella XXXXXXXXXXXX

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