The crack that lets the light in…..

Ranjit Gaind Tango LightI got reminded of this saying the other day, I think it came from a Leonard Cohen song but I’m sure the concept and the words have been said before. It speaks volumes much like “from little streams, great rivers flow”. In the case of a start up business, or any effort for that matter, nothing is closer to the truth and its a mantra I have to repeat to myself now and then. To start the stream, to be the shard of light, or to even create the crack (that doesnt sound right but you know what I mean!) seems to take a combination of humility, agility and the stubborness of an elephant. Another saying I ponder in equal portion through these times of effort is whether the journey is better than the arrival. In my experience it often is, so taking off from where I left on a previous post with flaws creating character; does struggle / friction / effort, call it what you will, in fact create enjoyment and fulfillment? Are the hardest places to get to the best places to be and if you take the flyover do you in fact miss all the best bits? There is nothing better than solving a puzzle, conquering a mountain or achieving any feat however small or large. There is satisfaction in the accomplishment, even if its building a house of cards. So this begs the question was the journey better than the accomplishment? Basking in the glory of triumph is certainly worthwhile….. until it wears off, at which point the memories and stories of getting to the finish are what you dine out on. Its often mooted that its not the winning but rather the taking part that counts. This is undeniable and any sports player or fan will atest to it. Ergo 1) throw down the gauntlet and let road be strewn with obstacles, I for one am loving the journey meandering around them, 2) bask in the glory of achievement no matter win or loss because 3) the crack has been made and the light in!

Speaking of light, as it was the inspiration for this post, Sydney has been holding a light festival recently and some clever fellas did this to the Opera house, really great, enjoy!


p.s above photo taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina 2007(ish)

2 thoughts on “The crack that lets the light in…..

  1. …seems like someone has been studying psychology lately… haha! Excellent reflection Toro!
    I’m already forwarding your articles to some friends… that have nothing to do… hahaha! Just kid din bro! You definitely got a writing talent man! Really cool!
    I’m sure you’ll do great in business bro. Absolutely no doubt! So don’t stress.
    Cheers pilot!

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