Recent activity in the transfer window and necessary discipline on the training ground has meant that MGSM FC is looking for new recruits! Several players have chosen not to renew their contracts:  Sebastian “Sonny Bill” Williams has changed codes defecting to play the american variety of “football”. Recent rumours have surfaced he was spotted in the Cote d’Azur playing for Monaco, but these are unconfirmed. Diego Ibanez is still on loan in Hong Kong, we expect him back in a month and hope he is enjoying his sabbatical! Ignacio “nachos” Lagos has decided to hang up his boots, we wish him a relaxing retirement. Crusader Luiz and Zizou have gone AWOL, if anyone sees them please revert. The loan deals for Neymar and Kamakazi Philipe have expired thus returning them back to the Copa Libertadores. The positive news is that YC has re-emerged from retirement with a true Paul Scholes swagger, just to strengthen the ranks in our time of need and Don (no)Rushdie ought to be returning from his self-imposed exile (read 159 harem) in the next 2 weeks. So to cut a long story short, as mentioned, we are in need of 3 or 4 new recruits for MGSM FC. We presently “train”on Wednesday at 930 am, however if numbers are significant this day and time can be changed. Please pass this on, free kit is provided on a first come first serve basis, as seen above! Oranges provided at half-time as standard! All ages, levels and religions welcome, please RSVP ASAP, MGSM FC!!

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