Sydney Sculpture Festival

For all of you outside of Sydney – every year the city puts on a sculpture show by various artists and displays them on a majestic walk from Bondi beach all the way to Tamarama beach. Along the approximate 2 km walk the sculptures come in many shapes and sizes; both close  to the walkway and some of them in and amongst the rocks and sand. Its a really moving experience and this year I got to experience it myself whilst surprisingly remembering to take my camera! It’s one of the few cultural things I have managed to do in Sydney in 2012, I hope to be able to do more next year! In fact next year maybe I’ll exhibit something and then take it to Burning Man!

Please enjoy the pictures and make some comments. For further information, a virtual tour and previous years pictures see

Hope all well xxx

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2 thoughts on “Sydney Sculpture Festival

  1. Hi Ranj! What marvellous pictures it must be very interesting to see the sculptures ‘in the flesh’ Thanks for Dudges Knitting !!!!Gita is now at home and we have arranged for a cleaner for her two hours a week until February when she will be able to do things in she home again. Iam unable to comment direct to your blog because everytime I try it will not accept my password I have now supplied 4 and at the fourth I gave up!! Looking forward to seeing you and Mariella in December. Lots of love to you both Dudge & BobXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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