Don’t become strangers!

As the year draws to a close and I reflect on what has transpired I’d like to say thanks to various friends old and new. The year as a whole has been dominated by work and study with a splattering of play in between. Starting with work I’d like to thank all the team with special mention for Nix, without whose support and amasing capability to laugh in the face of adversity, we wouldn’t have made it through and come out stronger on the other side. It’s been an incredibly challenging year in this regard with what I felt was despicable behaviour from certain ex-employers and colleagues. In that same vein I’d like to thank all old friends and colleagues that stood by us throughout, what has felt like a tyrannical onslaught, and maintained the faith. In some ways I was fortunate enough to have a distraction in my MBA which has now come to its successful fruition in Sydney. The solid and continuous 16-18 hour days that working and studying entail have been challenging but worthwhile, I think I might even qualify as an adult now, the accomplishment feels that huge! I’d like to thank all my teams, groups and new friends; you know who you are, with special mention to Arun and Mariella. Your tutoring and support was a massive contributing factor throughout all the subjects and especially the finance ones! I will certainly retain and cherish fond memories of all the students and lecturers that I have met at MGSM. We had some good laughs along the way too which makes it that much more special. I must admit to also learning a great deal, both about my external environment and people, but also myself. I have greater focus and a resolute determination and understanding of my life ahead of me. My favourites have to be the marketing, strategy and leadership based subjects and that has helped me realise my strengths. That said the finance subjects have massive practical applicability thus also teaching me a great deal, not to mention the more “social sciences” which have definitely provided food for thought. The China trip was fascinating and the camaraderie as expected that accompanied it will further cement those friendships and networks and hopefully it will assist with business in China in the not too distant future. With regards to the play, getting away for a few days flying in March was heaven-sent, thanks for that Cape Town Flying Club. The subsequent revalidation last week of my PPL was also a relief, having not had the chance to fly much this year. Special shout out to Fernando and Vicente for Team Toro as well, even though there were only three of us and the trip Queenstown was short, the Skiing and stress relief were most welcome. Ole Team Toro! So to all friends old, and especially new, looking to next year – please don’t become strangers and thanks for the support throughout the year! x A few pictures of the memories:

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