Another epic trip comes full circle

Just about made it back in one piece and slowly recovering from the jetlag…. alas! Traversed from Sydney > Johannesburg > Cape Town > London > Lima > Easter Island > Santiago > Valparaiso > Sydney a full circumference with some awesome stops in between. Starting with South Africa and the re-validated PPL which I’m very chuffed with, I feel  I’m progressing and hope to get rated on some different aircraft now. Business is rolling along steadily and had some good meetings there. Thanks to all friends for putting me up, you know who you are, it was great to be back in the mother city again. I really miss Cape Town and hope to spend more time there this year. London called for more successful meetings and Chrimbo with the family. Mariella joined me there from Lima for some rowdy cheer and festive sightseeing. No snow but pretty cold none the less and all the family are thriving which is nice. Visiting all the sites reminded me how special london town is. Onwards to South America to spend New Years Eve in Lima with Mariella’s family. The highlight of Lima (apart from the awesome people of course) is definitely the food, awesome Ceviche with the leche del tigre which brought tears to my eyes, not to mention the anticucho, huancaina, chuclo, papas the list goes on. I definitely need to get a Peruvian cook book and start making more than just papa la huancaina at home! From Peru we ventured to Easter Island fulfilling a childhood dream of meeting the Moai. Such a magical place with exceptional people and mystical statues. Very expensive but very romantic, we cycled around the island and had a great time exploring and learning about the history. Further on to Santiago where our MGSM Alumni Juanjo, Ignacio et al showed us some of the highlights. I really like Santiago and would be interested in setting up something from there I reckon. Not wanting to sit in the city though we drove out to Valparaiso to explore the old port and its heritage area, these days its an artists heaven with a lot of grafitti and old architecture from the heyday of the harbour. Vina Del Mar beckoned for our second (believe it or not) beach excursion, followed by some wine tasting in the Casablanca Valley, very expensive but pretty tasty! From there we returned to Sydney pretty exhausted to be honest and back to the grind in the sunshine. Very pleased to be greeted with the Merit award for the top mark in the MBA capstone subject and “outstanding achievement in Strategic Management”!!! Now that the MBA is over I feel I have my life back, so please get in touch for excursions, adventures and visits in Sydney! I’ll start training for the yacht race now, so running buddies are welcome too! A few pics of the trip below, cheers

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