Smoother than a kashmir codpiece!

Dropped into the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney the other day on my way to Spanish class to see one of my favourite artists, Anish Kapoor. Really liked his work since he did the piece for the Unilever series called Marsyas at the Tate Modern in London back in 2002. The enormity of that piece really appealed to me and it also reminded me of an old red gramophone we used to have at home. The records we played on it were all very old operatic belters, to which me and my sister really joined in with gusto! Some of the pieces were really good in this exhibition too as the pictures below will indicate. I don’t profess to understand a lot of art and I think that is the whole point of it. In this the ideas of reflection, light, distortion of images and visual confusion were easy to absorb and ponder, loved it! I think my favourite is the giant cocoon type structure and also the mirror outside. I didn’t really get the main piece though to be honest, a red wax clockwork type contraption carving out a circle….I took the chance to wander around the rest of the gallery so have thrown in a few pics of that too. Anton Kannemeyer, a South African born artist,(I think) had some curious exhibits in the “taboo” section. If you are a fan of the SuperXV series you may recognise the shirts! The show was a welcome relief from all the work and exercise; my body is feeling the strain from the new regime to get fit for sailing! That said the shape is returning! 🙂 Its really great being in Manly and getting the ferry into town. Also spent the day snorkeling on Shelley beach over the weekend. Hope everyone had a good Valentines Day and are feeling the February love! Barbecue on the beach this weekend, weather and attendees permitting x

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1 thought on “Smoother than a kashmir codpiece!

  1. Finally got round to looking at these photos. What an amazing art show. The Spiderman one is definitely weird though! I remember singing along to the gramaphone. Happy Days!! Min xx

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